Sex on Fifth Avenue

Presented by Kayvon Zand, Bad Meow Meow & Sasha Poline

At the intersection of a 90s Club Kids-era party and the New York Burning Man community is where you’ll find Sex on Fifth Ave. DJs in different rooms play music that spans from disco/electro clash to deep house, while exhibitions and installations assembled by curators Kayvon Zand and Brendan McElroy. Stepping off the street and into the Museum of Sex leaves one temporarily disoriented, surrounded by pulsating lights and throbbing music, the party creatures clad in latex and leather and all manner of bizarre accoutrement. Artists embellish skin with UV bodypaint; drag queens strut their stuff. Wall Street bankers in suits sit sipping champagne at VIP tables, staring in awe at women in fetish gear performing with whips and other props. Whether you’re there for the club scene or just to gawk at the outlandish outfits and wild exhibits, this isn’t a party to be missed.

Sex on Fifth Ave runs every Saturday night from 10pm to 4am and dressy-casual or exotic attire is recommended (the latter more so than the former). Tickets are $20 on presale or $25 at the door. Promotional packages for groups and VIPs are also available.

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The Museum of Sex reminded us of an amped up version of Mistress Formika’s bygone venue, Speed — which, come to think of it, was probably the last time we partied like this in midtown.
Bedford + Bowery

Condoms dotted the walls. Towering, fierce drag queens welcomed patrons. Along with an unusual mechanical jester, and far more Renaissance-era bird masks than any one city should have, when I walked into New York’s Museum of Sex this past Saturday for the first of its weekly “Sex on Fifth” parties, I felt, strangely, at home.
Out Magazine

Kayvon Zand and company threw a fun party at Museum of Sex last night. I was amazed that only a night after Halloween, people were conscious, upright, dressed up, and partying again, but there they were. And there I was! Anyway, it’s a new weekly bash, so pencil it in.
Michael Musto